Our Service Commitment

Dear Sunvale Home Purchaser,

It is our pleasure to extend you a warm and appreciative welcome to the Sunvale network and congratulate you on your purchase of a quality home. As with many new home purchases, concerns and issues may arise after you take possession that will require attention by our Service Department. Company policy requires that all concerns/issues be communicated to my office in writing, via email service@sunvalehomes.com. This will expedite the service process and allows us to arrange the necessary qualified personnel to be dispatched to remedy warrantable items.

Through the Tarion Warranty Corporation we will provide you with an excellent booklet that includes all forms and information you will require throughout the duration of your new home warranty period. For more information regarding Tarion and its warranty, visit Tarion’s website at www.tarion.com.

At Sunvale Homes our top priority is customer satisfaction! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Sunvale Service Team

Phone 519-341-6443   106 or “Service”

Email service@sunvalehomes.com